Let it Go

let go heart ballon

I want you to let it go

Don’t keep it in

Blow it out

Hold up your chin

Don’t you pout

I just want to let you know

I can help

But I can’t

You need a hug

Don’t you know

Give your self

To your self

Keep it in

Let it out

Share your grief

To find relief

Find the joy

Release the pain

Don’t be vain

It’s insane

You deserve to protect your self

That’s okay

So say today

I’ll find my self

Say it true

Don’t be blue

Find the colors in your life

Fight the strife

Don’t you die

Don’t you dwell

I just have to say

To you be well

Find the answers

In your heart

Create a solution

Mend it to give

Your self a resolution

Don’t be gray

Be gay

Love your self

Know its true

It’s okay

To feel that way

There’s a rainbow

In the sky

You can find it

If you try…

You can fly!

Written in the 80’s

Taking a general psychology class, the instructor broke and revealed personal issues, and upon introspection of the subject matter, and his discourse, this was inspired.

Interesting notion of the “self”….prior to me ever learning about the “philosophical belief systems” associated with Atman in Hinduism.


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