Snapshots in time can be observations and experiences we seek to understand, it does not mean we identify with them or let them define us, nor should we ever let anyone define us by our own experience or observations when we share them!!! They are our own to define, and the played out ignorance of the judgments made in error by others is horrifically blind.


An educated narcissist who pulled off being kind, when called out on their lies, hurled insults from their midget minded projections that had nothing at all to do with the truth but shed a light on how self-absorbed their judgmental reflections were full of errors. Their tactics of deflection to cover their sordid deeds sought to turn the light off their own monstrosities.


The political landscape these days has become nothing but a circus. I sit back and observe how an individual can post all manner of flowery pseudo ideological posts about being kind, when the truth is they are far from being kind when they hurl the names they call so far off the mark, it is confounding. Yet, when I look back and reflect it was nothing more than an education in observing narcissism play its hand.


I suppose in the end it was a projection of an ideal self that went to war with their own real self, and all the projections of their true self got dumped at the feet of one strong enough to shove that crap right back in their face.


Take your xenophobia, homophobia, and redneck pointing fingers, and look at yourself and all you do, and tell me you are not living proof a grown educated person, lacks love and intelligence in their everyday actions. The one who lives in filth, and promiscuity, philandering and wielding names and accusations of mistrust all the while supporting others to be in relations with others who are dying to use them for financial gain, as they sit and lie in wait and do not stand on their own two feet “more than likely” waiting for financial gain too upon the death of another, oh such is the irony of an idle mind.


The snow in the desert sand gave me this melted picture to figure out, and sadly the truth of their glass house ego finally blazoned this snapshot in time, the lenses of my perception hit the mark, and that is the biggest fear they seek to hide.


One day, I hope you discover the real you, and stop this charade, and remove the facade of everything you are not. For some they figure it out in one life time, for you I wonder how many life times it will take? Go ask your higher self to show you the truth of you, do not take my perception figure it out yourself. Sift through the carnage of your life for truth. Are you brave enough to see the labels you have clothed yourself in unaware by acting in unconscious ways? Awaken from the slumber of your demise…something we all must face one day, sooner or later, for no one is immune to the truth of their own soul.




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