Into My World


I’d like to invite you into my world

It is a world full of love where simplicity flows

Where the light upon the leaves speak of love

It is where everything that is manifest is that which is of life

A life that seeks unity in peace, and seeks to see love in everything…

From the birds in the trees, and the squirrels scrambling among the branches…

A life of purity, one that seeks the divine in everything…

It is where my garden grows; it is where my heart springs forth…

To invite you into my shelter, away from the storms of the world, a place to find respite a place for your soul to grow, a place where I can give you most anything of love and nothing more, but everything…

Can you meet me there, can you come closer to the fire, and set your soul aflame with mine…

I so want an eternal love divine…a place where you are mine and I am yours and no more shall we ever be left in want, for within each other we will find our home, safe, and secure among the trees, for they shall protect both you and me, and within this forest, the light that shines is the light we both drink and absorb to be a ray to those in need, for you and I are every day angels, and first and foremost we shine a light into each other’s heart, and it is the fire that binds us, it is the light that guides us, for together we can move mountains. Meet me there, in the woods, down in the abode of all that is sure, a natural abode where few dare to tread, but the harvest is green and full of spring, the joy of the flowers, and the fragrance of love. It shall be our garden of joy, to give life to another, and weave our hearts as one, as we shine forth, and give thanks to be so blessed to speak of these treasures unknown, but to the few brave enough to unite, as one within the holy night. The night of our beginning, in truth, in silence, in respite.

2016 (fantasy writing)


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