Mental Etuity


I’d like to go away and be far away from everyone

I would like to cry and scream and hear no echo, but be far out where there is plenty of space

Just me and the Earth sleeping as one in the vastness of her magnificence

When I awaken from my sleep, all the faces of time to stare me straight in the light of my

comeuppance from the emptiness of all the lonely souls in search of a mask to shed their

tears upon…

Soaring free from the hold of the looks that judge, but that should dare not to only to

let them go from my view as an exploding super nova would elude its existence

All in search of inner peace or perhaps the escape of the chains that can bind my mind


Written in the 80’s (Etuity is a made up word…sort of like an existentialist intuitive introspective perpetuity)

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