Pencil and Paper


Pencil and paper

Carry me away

To a far better day

So much has been written of ole yesterday

In verse and song the list goes on

So many poets and so many writers

have found their way to fame by you

The road is not easy and sometimes is worn

The looks are torn and somewhere between the living and the angels

the beauty unfolds and some will see and others will not

of the ways of the old lover’s knots

The pains and mistakes have driven many on to labor

and write of loves gone by

The fortunes are won and the fortunes are lost

A miner today a beggar tomorrow

Shoveling coal down the Mississippi Delta

Yeh, there was such a day not long ago

Captured and told by old pen and paper

So when you’re feeling emotion capture it true

write it down and who knows better than you

Maybe one day near or far

you may steal the hearts of those who feel as you do

So have faith in God and trust ye ole pen and Paper!

Written in the 90’s

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