Vanity Trap


Vanity is a game to all who see

Snip Snap

And within a moment we change

Trying to be something that’s not

Pretending to be free as someone else

Just another wanta-be

Style and fashion impede your senses

TV, video and magazines

Peers and jeers to motivate

to activate the industry

To pull you along their perilous feats

as you walk like a mummy in the street

What is real and what is not

What’s it like to be unique

Vanity Trap

Snip Snap

The scissors go

Hair cuts and fabric cuts

Clothes with holes

Lives trying to be whole

with an individual flair no doubt

Vanity Trap

Snip Snap

What a Rap

Tap Tap

Smacks us in the face

Everyone’s forced to the race

Smack it back

Did you ever think of that

Tit Tat

Hey do I look okay?

What do you think?

Who cares

I care

You care

Wait! stop, no one cares

They only stare and you think they care

But when you turn away they probably snare

Don’t get trapped in the

Vanity Trap

Life’s not fair

We think people should care

But they don’t, do you?

And for who?

And does it really matter

Is it really deep cause if it were

it wouldn’t matter

But it does

and why

inside we cry

We all want to BE

That’s why

Identity unfolds all around us

People grasping to find out who they are

Do you know who you are and what it’s all for

Is it for you and no one else

Are you sure

You’re not caught in the Vanity Trap

Zip Zap

Written in the 90’s


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