robert hefferan time to dance

Artist: Robert Hefferan

We all want to fly

But first we must climb the tree to even try

So many on the ground wondering why

They don’t have love

Thinking life’s passing them by

In their own stupid-ness they wallow in

Blinded by the leap of fear

They must break through

To get their feet off the ground

You can’t let the broken branches keep you down

That’s the illusion that must be unheeded

To rid the fear of pain

To lift the self of mortal constraints

To journey to the top for love

and nothing else to begot

To not look back

and not look down

but to Jump with

unyielding wings of faith

To soar into open arms of love

Where all you are and all

you’ve become is nothing

more where love is not…

For some, just a dream

to afraid they’ll fall



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