Cells Scream

screaming by the sea cells

It makes every cell in my being want to explode at times when I see people posting all these soulful quotes but live a life so far removed from understanding the needs of the soul. Surrounded by the dross of their worldly lives and satiation(s), hiding behind the beauty of quotes, that when the mirror of their life is reflected back is nothing but a shadow of delusion. How will the world ever be able to enlighten such individuals, I’ll never know when the veil that covers their eyes is so caked on with all the muck of their lives. Especially, when all they do is shine the reflection of their mirror projected back onto others thinking they are the saintly ones; such is the seduction of this world of humans with infiltrated spirits. Darkness never illuminates light, it is the other way around for those who are brave enough to remove the veil and search the truth in matters of the soul. The truth is a double edge sword not meant to slay but to excise/extricate diseased states of being, for those wise and brave enough to endure the pain of self-discovery, and true enlightenment of the soul. The dirt and the energies of it all scream and fight to not let go of being attached to mortal man, the individual thinks they are dying in the process and often will not forbear the exorcism/extrication of the energies they blindly think will save them. Is it not true they say kill the messenger, is it not wise to consider the message? For it is a rare quality that one will come along with the sword of truth, no matter the cost to their countenance in the eyes of men, and stand up against the ways of corruption in hopes to awaken those so caught up in their slumber. I suppose in some ways if the dark gets darker and the delusion thickens at some point, those in the dark will one day awaken and realize they can no longer see, and then perchance they will begin to open their eyes, and set out to seek the truth and slowly remove the veil, or maybe it will become so immediate like a man drowning who needs a breath, the veil will be rent immediately. Maybe it is through our darkest hour we see the need to return to the light, maybe for some brave enough to fight off the energies, they will pick up the sword and slay their demons. Diving into the abyss of self discovery one must trust light and love are on the other side. Few can do this, but in the end, all will face the truth of who they are. Oh ye, who drown in a sea of your own demise, don’t reject the life-raft of truth meant to save your immortal soul. Have ye the eyes to rise, lest ye plunge deeper into the pit of your own hell you are creating. Life is about choices, and sometimes we have to recognize this, otherwise the currents will destroy us, if we fail to navigate our course.


(My message for the day, sorry my mind is in a contemplative state on matters pertinent to the needs of the soul.) This is not about anyone in particular, it is a path we all must tread, and more importantly a reminder to myself, as I sit and look at my own situation and energies surrounding me, as I determine if they are friend or foe, thinking I may have to dive deep until I’m strong enough to either make it to the other side, or come up for the very essence of life, the air I need to breathe.

June 22, 2016


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