Heaven Sent


Artist: Carlos Quevedo

Livers and Lovers

do exist

Must one live to love


Love to live?

Can it really be so

as we grow old

To really know

To really grow

In Love

In love with you

In love with me

In love with all

or do I just exist

Enter to Live

Exist to Die

A tear From a fallen cry

At yesterday’s gone by

In search of truth

we hope

we die

That is to live

It is not to give

If by living we give up

All hope is lost

So to live is to give


To Give is to love

Eternity rings for all above

who choose to love

So it is told

No need to grasp & hold

Misery in reflective thoughts

For we all have been bought

For a price

He died upon the cross

His momentary loss

For greater gain

A world full of pain

Long suffering and rejection

all Christians know

What you reap is

what you sow

And in Christ’s death

We may be born

So at the last trump of the horn

Our spirits may rise in Christ’s acclaim

Glory to God

and when he comes

Glory to all who have chosen not to fall

Prey to humanity

Pray to have faith

Pray to believe

Pray to repent

Pray for us all

That we all may be heaven sent…

Pray to Love

and not to Live…

For if you Love you surely

Will Live Again…


Jan. 24, 1993

Note: Livers-those who live…merely exist


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