Are you Listening?


It is love that is the most important gift of all

To love abundantly is to banish fear

and when there is no fear, there is love

In opposition lies hate which writhes to abate,

so hard to resist,

spins deep despair

So heavy laden hearts near and far,

Remember Love does conquer all

Through Christ, God loves us all

Through the tears we learn to remove fear,

and learn to rejoice and experience joy

Not for ourselves, but for all

who seek peace and comfort in God

So may peace be a river to the free

Those free from the chains

the world enslaves us all to

Break the chains

No longer in bondage

for love transforms us all

All you have to do is open your heart

so true light may reach you

No more walking the fence

when you walk with God,

there’s no need to worry if you fall

For God’s love helps us to stand

and to grow tall

Can you hear Heaven’s Call?




Participating in 3 years of Bible Study influenced me to think and write on these matters.

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