Ethereal Bliss

biomech eye

If I told you I love you

Would it mess things up

Swirling ecstatic energy in every cell

Screaming to whisper in your ear

Breaking down walls

Defenseless in loves presence

In your eyes I see the unspoken

From my lips I want to profess

The secrets of the heart

Too many to tell

So in the silence

Love wells

If I told you I love you

Would these feelings escape

Is it even necessary to speak

When the hearts are joining as one

Will words defile

The sacred unspoken love that is being born

Coming undone together exposed in vulnerability

Diving, exploring the depths of our seas

Drinking in the devotions given freely as a gift one to the other

Swimming in currents we intermix like paint and transcend into the space we create

Pulled into the water colors of mesmerizing eyes

A portal to bliss ethereal where inside one another we see

June-October 2016


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