I’m in a tailspin, whirlwind, he leaves, not once, but thrice, he slays the dice, throwing my love to the wind


I scream, I flail, and hurdle into a swift retreat after lashing out my words that fly like rains from a storm


Shall I run away and hide, and take shelter and feel the despair all alone in this place of isolation he has cast me


To the fires of my soul burning so bright to scorch me to know such love to be scorned casts such torment it slices at my veins


This pain to be shunned like I am nothing, a whirlwind in a furnace, a heart in flames, disintegrating into space, I take aim


Undone I am, I tell myself to hold on to nothing you must, I am nothing, yet something I am, to the wind, to the dust, one day to be born again in a whirlwind free of sin…should this end and I have to begin again



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