Penetration A Gonzalez

Visionary Artist: Andrew Gonzalez

I’m so in love it seems I am not even totally aware of how deep I am

I contemplate this dilemma as it seems I cannot seem to think straight

I am so deeply moved and touched for my soul has been penetrated

Beyond the grasp of what I could ever know

This dawning and realization is unnerving for it brings with it fears

I wish not for fears to surface for at bay they need to stay

Yet drowning in love my ultimate surrender

I gave it completely

Now what, I sit with my heart in the care of (affected by) another

Dare he tread it under without consideration

Or shall he cherish it, like his own

I shall not despair this penetration

For his heart I carry within me… mind body and soul…to nurture

Cannot he not see the gift we have been given

Us to each other through time we find ourselves here

Are we not blind to this feat that has blessed us

Or shall we be fools laying to waste all that is great

We dance upon the fabric of life

The creation of love born from above

That unites and binds hearts as one

Twaining flesh in mysteries divine

For eyes to pierce and penetrate the veil of all existence

Hopeless I am, yet hopeful I shall remain

He shall see this and feel this too for then shall it be true

To love alone is a longing unended

and in love with you my love is unending

but it is the end of me

yet in my surrender the choice to give birth to us is yours

in the palm of your hand I am

always and forever

My Lord I love

August 2016


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