A Discourse on Anger

a earth angel

STUDENT: How do we not feel anger when we feel we have been treated unjust? Will there not be a consequence of shutting off that emotion?


SPIRITUALIST: Techniques to Avoid Anger

It all begins in thought (Single most powerful thing a human can do is think). Anger is not a natural state. Anger is a learned behavior. Stop practicing anger, distance yourself from it.

Accept it in your heart and in your head…that all your past experiences, were those that are and will continue to be a part of life. We all have differing sets of bad experiences including the ones that were practiced against us.


Now that we have survived it be grateful that you are left standing and did not die in the process…many have you know. You may be severely scarred and hurt, but you are at least standing…be grateful for it.


Forgive those trespasses as you seek forgiveness for your trespasses. Let the past go…


(STUDENT’S THOUGHT: Otherwise we perpetuate the destructive cycle)

It’s never the injustices that were practiced against you that matter as to WHO YOU BECOME. It is your ATTITUDE to those experiences that dictates as to who you are or will become.

If your attitude is ANGER to those sets of experiences, then that is what you have become and will indeed pass on your heritage keeping this shit alive for yet many generations…


(STUDENT’S THOUGHT: So, as you have said before, we must unlearn)


If your attitude is forgiveness as demonstrated by your ACTIONS OF NO ANGER, that is what you have gone on to become and will indeed pass on your heritage keeping this nobility alive for yet many generations…


That ought to be reason enough to practice No Anger…Lord knows there are enough people practicing anger on the other side of the fence….we need to populate some folks to counter balance this stuff…thinking, acceptance, and forgiveness of the past is essential, then also some of the techniques as I have taught you of breathing and being less judgmental, distrusting, and suspicious and more loving will also help a great deal…


Now there will be those who are practitioners of anger and will draw you out into their adrenaline jungle (jungle of misbehavior). Some of those people will be very close to you who cannot be avoided such as your family, ex husband…etc. Then there will be those with whom you can minimize your contact with, yet be around them.


I avoid people who tend to draw me into that jungle as I need to practice anger less and less. Now if they happen to be customers or acquaintances, I have shaped my work and life in manner to do that, as I am the architect of my circumstance.


I can talk, teach, show by example, then I have to withdraw as they are not ready for my lessons and it is indeed, “casting pearls before swine”, and I certainly don’t want to be in the company of negative emotion because I don’t want to wake up with fleas.


Sometimes people know what hot buttons of yours to press. If you find people deliberately doing that then it is time, to talk, to teach, and if they persist in not learning then it is time to find better company. The idea here is to find environments in which you will not have to practice anger, but if you are the one that keeps manufacturing anger at every step of the way, from a bad tennis back hand to driving on the highway, it may not be others who are doing this to you rather you doing this to others. Sooner or later your anger will leave you, this I can promise you. The question is, how much damage will you do to others and yourself in the mean time?

As in my example of a patient with a drinking problem, his only salvation is to STOP IT, JUST NOT DO IT. So it is with the practitioner of anger.


Breathing will help, counting to 10 will help, acceptance will help, thinking will help, when the sun comes up, it will help, when it rains too, it will help, but in the end…not reading bad books that legitimize anger will help, running, meditation, pumping iron, eating right and getting good sleep will help, watching TV will help, cleaning carpet will help, staying busy will help…but in the end…



Any book that teaches you otherwise is garbage. I AM DONE.


Well now you gotta practice it remember…intentions don’t mean a hill of beans. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

As K**du (a military instructor he had) said which I quoted him in my book and as I have written in my poetry…actually was taught by my teachers prior to K**du who re-affirmed it to me much later in life…




You have to develop it into a habit. Like anything else it takes practice, in your waking moments and in your sleep, at all times until it becomes a way of life.


(STUDENT’S THOUGHTS: PRAY & Meditate on this Every Morning & Night!)

Note on “unlearning”: We are born and come into this world where all the values, beliefs of our parents, caretakers and society start shaping us. At some point we come to an age of reason. Some will see their beliefs were shaped by systems and individuals that are flawed, and we must unlearn these things. I once eluded his actions and teachings to that of a brain washing, and he would reply, all humans need their brains washed cleaned in order to return to the purity of right thinking and actions, thereby taking personal responsibility to do so without blaming anyone else for who they are.

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