Far Away from Home

Far Away From Home
Kiss the sand for me
Tell the blue I’ll be back
In time
I’ll walk those shores again
Collecting memories
The seashells in my box
Echo of crashing waves
And days of stormy seas
When the gray clouds
Covered me
In rain and pain
Cleansing me
Comforting me
The beach beckons me
Where the dolphins
laugh and play
Where the rainbows end
I begin
The ocean swells
inside of me
The tide of life
The seagull soars
above the Earth
Below the clouds
Somewhere in between
is where I’ll be
Feet in sand
Salt on me
Flavoring me
To walk in the breeze
To feel the air
Trapped on land
Is where my spirit flees
Above it all
Close to death
Close to life
Ethereal is where
my heart sings
to its soul’s identity
Written in the early 90’s maybe

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