Can we fly in dreams

Does rage lock you in a cage

Are the tears shed for the death within us


Is life an illusion and death

Our only chance at reality


Every day we wake a fantasy

To struggle to survive the

Molecular mass of the Universe


Is our energy within the

Chaotic scheme that evolves

Within the attractive and repulsive forces

Of the vomit we dare not see


That which chokes we turn away

Not to bare the cross we dismay


Life that we create permeates

And penetrates the soul of man

In and out of touch with what

Is true. The light within

The darkness of us all is never



For what is real and

What is not and was

Never meant to be


To sacrifice it all and For what

Which may be nothing

But our yearning to know our destiny


The fires that burn

And the rain that never ends

exist and persist

The pain of duality we

bare it all to never know

The extent of the life and death

and the expanse of the heavens

And the hells that will

Continue whether we see

Them, feel them, taste them, or hear

Them, yet they touch us all


Crash and Burn

Doom in a whimsical

Fucked up way

Only to belly up out

of the bowels of death

To wake up to the fantasy

To ponder the dimensions


Of the delusions that

Pull and push me and the

World away into our ignorant

State of Bliss


Written in the 90’s

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