A Brief Discourse on the Heart


We teach our head all the time. How much time do we spend teaching our heart…anything? Don’t you think it is time? No wonder in this tug a war between head and heart, the head keeps winning after all it has had far too much attention and consequently has become the ruler of your actions sort of like a blind dictator who does not pay attention to any voice of reason.

Your heart has been providing a voice of reason for a long time, as I have written in my poetry it is time to listen to it, it will tell you when you are about to do the wrong thing. It has been overruled for such a long time that the voice of the heart has become barely audible. That is why the other night when you went and did your deeds, you said your inner voice did not warn you. It is time to pay attention to and follow the guidance of the voice of your heart a bit more until you bring proper balance between your heart and your head. Don’t make either a slave to the other.

My head told me never to see, or talk, or have anything to do with you after the many things that have come from you. My head told me there will only be more of it in the months and years to come after the very first episode, and thru subsequent episodes and my head has thus far been right….but….My head continues to chant, “Cut Your Losses…don’t waste any further energy or time. Are you not a fool, have you not learned anything yet?”. You will be Sooorry….but my heart speaks as well.

(A 21 year long dialogue still ensues…, it is all about removing ego, and fears, and surrendering)

Written as notes from a conversation 1996-2003


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