Artist: Daniel Mirante

Blame it on the wine for I lost my mind

In love I trip, I stumble, I fall

What will it take to save me

Will I crash and burn

Never again to regain what I lose

Will it matter

Will I recover in

Truth, Love, Honor and Charity

Will I learn to give

To be open

Or will I close and grow cold

In order to be bold

Is there really strength in vulnerability

Am I strong enough to become weak

Is this what I need

In order not to bleed

Always in and out of touch

A bandage on my heart

The wounds in my soul

Where will they go

When I let them go

Who will suffer

How much can I endure

A divided heart

A split mind

Too much trouble

Too much pain

Time to take control

To become whole

An integration of the will

Not to be separated in the womb

Back to birth I go

To learn to see

To learn to listen

To learn to taste

To learn to talk

To learn to walk

All over again

In order to begin

To clean the slate

And arrange the palette

To choose the colors

From within the wells

That run deep

Within my oceans

Buckets and buckets of water

To fall drop by drop

To wash away the pain

That has been

Let my journey begin

Please God don’t leave me

Please stay by my side

Please show me the way


Written in the latter 90’s


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