Wishing Well

jeweled sword

Peering into the luminescences

silencing the waves as lessons

Seeing through crystal crests


To be so thankful

To honor so reverently

My Lord, My God

Who came to me

Who spoke to me

In matter

Uniting the threads of spirit, time and mind

unrelentingly lifting me

against my selfish pride


Not an easy task

I thank thee


As I gaze into the wishing well

Mindful I need to continue to be


As I pray these heartful silent thoughts

in humility of servitude

in remembrance

of the time you gave


Undaunting in the blood of life

You shed for me

At great sacrifice

For the love of of love divine


In the wishing well of time

that presents itself before me

I wish, I pray, I know the price


I live these thoughts today

To respect the love of God in all

At the cost of being closer

To being within the sword of truth


That slays at my ego

From that and this day forth




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