Majestical beautiful whimsical butterfly

Color me in your wing

Spin me in your song

Dance beneath my flesh

Linger in my garden

let your wings find rest among my petals

Let love be the dew of life we forever drink

Hearts merging in flight

We are born boundless without form


The soul in quest

The yearn to merge

The undying devotion

in every breath

To hold you near

is not enough

To be in your skin

Cannot explain

the swells of energy

bursting within me

to unite with thee


My heart sings with praise of thee

My passion is never ending

Forever giving


My wonderful man

It is you I adore

The taste of you

enrapturing me

Drenching into me

the essence of life

liquefied love

flowing free

between you and me

Expanding beyond this plane

leaving flesh behind

joining the universe

beyond mortal limitations

Glimpsing immortal tranquility

by the Grace of God we proceed



Spring of 1998

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