A Reflection

temple of time

A reflection,

a mirror of a perception

embedded in the psyche

an image of roses in bloom

water rushing down a river

laughter on butterfly wings

dancing bodies in a trance

the taste of tears falling down

a child that cries

and is not heard

regains its strength of its own accord

the merging of souls in sex

by way of love shared

a fruit plate

delivered by room service

gazing out high rise hotel windows

in awe at the start of a new day

dancers tapping at night on Broadway

The cat in Memories that walked our way

The phantom’s song

singing within me

the grain and the wit

to accomplish and achieve

the bed that beckons me to linger

the masks that bare my shame

the guilt it tarnishes my heart

The purity that was once

that wants to shine

to overcome the pools that drown divinity

the time spent in service and charity

of motherhood, and wife

the times the stillness

reflects my soul

to be more in moments unaware of self

but to be be entrenched in the forest of my walk

speeding through light the breath sends me

to witness cosmic blend of light

that makes us all material

and reduces us all to spiritual droplets

of creative energetic forces

with the gravity of our magnetic resonance

the projection of a reflection of a life

into the realm of prana

evolving beyond duality

to spiral beyond its shadow

the mirror of its existence but to be

a facet of the many choices to reflect

in wholeness and completion

for the circle is a circle

no matter its place in the universe.


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