The Will…to heal


Feeling like a broken winged little bird

knowing with the right amount of care

I ‘ll find healing and growth to mend

for in the healing of ourselves we heal one another


Certainly we have all had these moments

and if we did not find one to nurture us through

we learned to look deep within the pain

to stare it in its face

for running from it

was not the choice

to release us from its grip


to be brave enough

to face ourselves

and rediscover who we are


The strength is in the will to know thyself

in order to heal thyself…

too many are afraid and run from themselves

and never will they heal

from pursuits

lest one catch a glimpse of love there

yet been running so long

it too will flee

they question everything

and do not know how to be

as they question who they are…


to sit still

answers come



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