Retrograde Renegade

circling sharks

Like sharks circling back

do they sense my splashing

why me their prey

they wish to captivate

is this what happens

when mercury goes retrograde

noticing this movement of planets and men

trying to drown me in their sin

I shall not merge beneath their skies

where darkness blankets their hearts

for at the back of the class they cannot hear

when all they do is fail to see

it’s written in the stars

just like the light

inside must come forth

they must move closer

to the forefront

of matter

to see their escape

to emerge

from the submerging

of the air that flees

a drowning man at sea

there is a lighthouse

hidden there

when intellect and heart connect

the soul is born

and beyond the universe

it speaks

thrash no more

within the depths of silence

where all is still

but activity of mind

does not cease

to be a renegade of faith

to move forward

beyond these

tides of illusion


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