To Love with abandon without fear and its strings

Parth quote

Sometimes I just wished I had a lover, one to touch and to be touched by. Someone I could lay in bed with and map each other’s body, to touch the skin, and move in and out of the rhythms of actions, where all flows in and out of the senses, ultimately pricking and soothing them.

This is not about being in love, but being love in actions, actions to surrender to the movement of energies, and allowing there to be space for that energy to come forth from the depths of being.

In the heart and mind a surrender to the presence of each other a sacred and divine gift to give and to receive for it is of the creative force given to us all to explore and pay homage to, for that is what honor and charity are in actions to love and truly love with abandon without fear and its strings….and if on its wings love is born…all the more the depths of the highs and lows of existence take form.

To be or not to be…in an environment where it is safe to trust and become so fluid in being is something I think we all need and crave at the very core of our fiber of existence that is far beyond the needs of the flesh, for it is a desire of the soul….to return to love.

For is not that the purpose of this life?

To find the universe inside us void of time where we are one with consciousness of creation born of love.

I’ve tasted its presence before and there my soul longs to return.

A bit sad some I’ve given a chance, long to return to me long after I am gone, some knew this space we evolved within, and some only had glimpses, and some never had these lenses. Maybe we all just have glimpses after all…

the mysteries of life, love and human sexuality…


“Meet Me Where the Stars Gather to Love the Moons. We will Find Our World There.”

~ Parth

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