The Ghost of You

day of dead

I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge the hit to my gut

to see the status posted

2 days after

glad I did not fall prey to past fantasies

and just let what was felt run through without taking action

and getting caught in a trap again

to be cast out

I cannot help but think

it was a test to see what would be

but you know

I could not take that chance again


my heart

the one I lost somewhere along the way

I know it’s true

and too bad for you

had I taken you in

it could have never been again

in essence

to spare another innocent

the grief

delivered unto me

when blinded by love

it destroyed

the gift given so freely

taken by a thief in the night

the energy left within me

has been an undoing of sorts

yet I hope in some strange way

the energy given of me

will be a making

of hearts without me near

so when all is up and down

please don’t come around

to inject a bit of ego

into a wound

only you alone

can heal

I cannot fathom

how I would be feeling

had I taken what I wanted

that was never mine

to keep

but everything I breathed

once upon a time

no last time fling

to set you a sail

for into the seas you chart

your course

without the blemishes of despair

repeat not the past of mistakes

the greatest gift I give to thee

and to her

and most of all

to myself

a taste of the slice of innocence

I once had

becomes the poison I dare not drink again

no matter how much

it may have united

the immortal dance to step within

no matter its presence

lingers evermore

to embrace and release

carriages are not for me

for in a field of pumpkins I will lay

and in due time

the slipper shall slip

then come what may

shall come again to play

when the heart is empty

nothing but love can fill the day

the mourning is far from complete

I carry it with me

but it does not lead me astray

one day the politics will not sever

that which could not be undone

when truth hits home

may warmth shine upon your heart

a memory so fond

no ice can withstand

the summer’s glow

tip, to tip

wrapped round

and unbound

no matter which way the age of time blows

the candle and the flame

sees it all

the light that shines beyond this life

enraptures us all to love

and on bent knee

true love presents itself

sooner or later to us all

a kiss to the wind

behind my back

is the breeze that shall carry me home

Sigh, and smile, such transitory flights

but what is real lasts

and what is not shall pass…

just a ghost of the past flickering through…

I observe, and give a hug to embrace

and blow a kiss to the air

for I know there is nothing there

for me to hold therefore

it is a dare

to think otherwise

there is a flickering

for me to catch you in a flame


I am not game

to entertain a ghost in my heart

for once I did

never was I the same

I know all too well the masks your heart wears

and all too well I know

what it needs

and if it was me

you let me go

because it was not

meant for strangers to the heart




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