lillian gish and ralph forbes

Why do people not speak

They don’t want to lose jobs, respect…the capacity to care for themselves

not to wear a scarlet letter forever

for a mistake

where help is not found there

when it is all deemed to be an atrocity

that cannot be fixed

limiting in thinking

and sweeping in its consequence

that forgets

the innocence found within us all

to learn to correct ourselves

if but given a chance to speak the truth

without shame

for its greatest consequence is its utterance

for there within one owns the blame

Aye, he to cast the first stone, casts it at himself…

its a truth we all must face


the truth is like a catcher’s mit

the universe throws it back at you

it’s a boomerang effect

some call it karma

this is swifter

in its immediacy

barbs stick not

on the pure of heart

take aim with the truth

lest an arrow splinter back into you

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