expanded eye stream of consciousness dribbling

Dribbling back you come around again

texting, calling, and getting upset when I don’t respond

the childishness in the man it’s a bit puzzling

my dear don’t you understand

I could have called and not heard from you in days

and did I act like a brat in some rage

huffing and puffing through the phone

claiming you were ignoring me

could it be just nothing more than a fantasy

each time you led yourself astray

and now they leave you alone to brew

it’s quite clear all you need is an ego fix

should I care to bandage your wounds

when you gouge me so easily

I wince at your ploys

and observe

and always have

if it were not such a shame

it would be quite comical

but I see your pain

my ego thinks I could teach you a thing or two

yet even my spiritual nature has its limits

I am no martyr for your cause

as you invite me to your lair

that’s not a game I care to play

why do you play yourself so cruelly unaware

maybe there is a consciousness in there knocking at your heart

but your habits so ingrained have seized you up too often

and into knots and stress you stew

and no amount of dribbling will do

your heart it simmers in all you do

maybe in time

you’ll pull it from the fire

and see it is you that roasts your ass

in each conquest and piece you gain

is a loss of your own heart

that always cries out for more

when will the player see the dues paid

are a loss of soul

to be regained perchance when clarity comes into view

if ever

to rise and be one in confidence

without dimming the light of others

to just make you feel alive

what is the beast you feed

that has your mind entrenched

is it merely hormones drenching the senses

I think it is something deeper

yet can you ever bring it to the surface

or shall you hide behind vanity and materialism

to make yourself feel success

what shall you feast upon my dear

that will get you what you desire

maybe one day you shall figure it out

with expanded eyes

but come not my way


I’ll show you the truths

to make your ego bleed

and you’re not ready to cleanse the slate

so unto yourself is your fate

dribbling in streams of consciousness

until one day you wake


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