night wish anndr pazyniuk

Who wants to tell their tales

when they scream from the pits of hell

would you see the innocence shrieking at its loss

or paint their cries with the masks of disbelief

and deny their existence

in the place they found their selves to be cast

into a chamber of a dungeon

to spare yourselves

the task to acknowledge what was done

you cannot lock them up and throw away the key

its a neural network that leaves its mark

on destiny

the survivors know it all too well

the scars inside

no matter if you cannot see

do not remain hidden

a blemish on lives

no one wants to bare

the few who stand

face scrutiny and often blame

when into the dark they walk

to bare it all

to stay silent aligns with the crime

yet when the truth is revealed

few believe

yet more and more will speak

until the silence is removed

and from the depths of innocence

the blood of pain

shall be revealed

and its echoes

shall not cease

behind the black you cannot see

what is hidden there

anonymity screams

and shatters the facade

you wear

to turn away from truth

shall not cloak

the soul

when its time is due

Ridicule not those who grieve

and come forth into the light

to be warriors of the truth

to turn away

impales the hook

into the deeds of society

if change is not met

to see the courage

to come from the shadows

and speak

for if you cannot be a protector of truth

what lies do you hide

in the deeds you do


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