Vitriolic Empathy


It’s a bit vitriolic not out of malfeasance

but out of empathetic necessity

A pungency observed

eroding at common decency

a mirror neuron gap

in the fabric of society

calling it out

for what it is

for that is not the way to bliss

everyone wearing their sores

so covertly covered amidst

the draping of themselves in sheer fantasy beliefs

thinking they are the ideal self

when underneath the veneer

their greed stenches up their walk

false flattery is not found here

for without a shedding of the armor

the defenses are worn too thin

and the spineless slither and have no back

for their support is in the folly

of the wrath they don unaware

So a dose of acerbic oft

will cut

in to find that which is not sour


Some use vitriol to make a point

and some simply do not

with empathy

to deal with hard heads

yet after the burn

will the scars fade

from the truth we all must face

some will seethe

and simmer some more

until they are ready

to extricate

that which blinds them

boils their blood

and enrages them

but it’s only the lies

coursing through their veins

putrid and vile

inside to look

to clean the slate

from the putrid

notions clinging on

attachments like a cloak of mud

caked on

needing to be stripped off

the ego

like shackles

needs a bludgeoning so stark

to wipe it off

it does not die

an effortless death

gestalt in nature

to rattle the defenses

to wash them clean

to prick them out

to cut off its head

the snake within us all

the beast we all must face

the demons we carry

to shed once and for all

to rescue a heart


the breath of life

to breathe in free and clean

and exhale light

it only shines on those

hidden elements

that need manifestation

to scorch out

the pain and isolation and devastation

darkness and shadows reign

…if vitriol is used

it must be administered with skill

lest the scars remain

that never heal…

without empathy

souls are lost



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