light dna

A very evil thing

and it haunted me

turned me from my error

made me face my ways

so many years between there and here

just a reminder

constant in its aim

to go and sin no more…

be not a thief

less ye steal away

into grief

for these things we do

are written all over us

and in the process we become blind

or we wake up

and start to clear off the muck

layer by layer

to become


and ripe

By our acts we justify ourselves

we try ourselves through and through

oh the little we do at times to see these traits

running away continually from our truest form

yet it still screams to be heard

innocent and raw (innocent  and alone it echoes)

calling us back

to the heart

of the pure

the light and its fire

cleanses the soul

border-less love


to return

by grace we are called

and by mercy we see

through all humility

touch not the flesh

transit immortality

for we are

all transients

in the fields of energy

and imminent frequencies

emanating absolution everlasting

delivered from the abyss

of vileness and evil realms

avoid these dangers lest ye become a stranger to ye selves

To find the point of truth

like a needle pricks

the ground in the haystack of life in this plane

there you land

no escape

until it pricks your heart

the parallel leveled

a universe to explore

cry no more on the kitchen floor

this is no winehouse

strip it bare down to the bone

the marrow within

is life

stemming ethereal potent and plural

the patterns emerge


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