In Sync


Here I sit and dream of all life’s possibilities, and I wish I new what the future holds for me. I have been following paths and searching for meaning for so long and often I am at peace, and often I am lost. I find myself to lose myself over and over again. The streams of consciousness from place to place fill the spaces that are void and without. In my heart I know and yet I cannot seem to find the secrets of its depths. Little mysteries unfold piece by piece.

The path with a heart is a path to tread. Every one in one season or another feels the need to walk the paths of love. We all need love and for some the moment arrives, and for some the moment dies, and some may never know what it is to love and be loved.

The orgasms and the ecstasies of the pleasures of my flesh. To touch and sense the spirit in the mists of my breath. To live and to walk and to be so alive and yet so close to death in the melancholic moment of a kiss. To strip to the core the insatiable desires that swing and sway back and forth riding the rhythms of the hips. In the rush of moisture that fills my mouth to lick my lips and stare and to gaze into the mirrors of my soul. My lusts to drown the sorrows, of the heat that burns on the swells of the day. I rise and triumph in a moment, and yet the fire rages on.

In to look and to enter within the shadows of the light. I am never too far behind. I see through the veil. The curtain is not closed. My eyes peer through the sheer intricacies. Illusions are alive and we survive. We fantasy and masquerade with the masks we choose everyday. The pulse beats and we undulate in sync, up and down, we inebriate in the love we seek. Caution: slippery when wet! All around and so hard to grasp.

Join me, unite with me, drink unto me and let me quench my thirst. Back to back, front to front, side to side, mind to mind, heart to heart, and soul to soul. Flowing on unbounded rays from here to there, to everywhere. Oh love me and love me and don’t ever let me go.

When I am good, see my good. When I am bad, hold my hand and pick me up. Stumble, tumble and fall, my legs are split; that is the time to feel the pleasure and the pain so eat me and make me free. Please do not punish me. My skin is delicate, and my heart can so easily break. My mind is a river of love to wash away all your pain.

Garden green, garden love, let us dig a little hole and bury ourselves so deep as seeds, and drink the love and rise to the light. Out of the dirt we raise our heads, and spring forth erect and tall, headed for the sky, in praise to the one as we are one we blossom forth, for the world to grow, and for the universe to know. Garden green, garden love, back to birth we go.

Note: Written in the past 6-9-97, yet never shared publicly until today in response to the prompt.

via Daily Prompt: Undulate

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