Eternal Light


Spirits in the night

Roaming in the sky

Forces pull with all their might

Prince of Darkness ruling cry


To overcome the world of light

Casting shadows in the dark

Promising eternal flight

To willing souls who dare to hark


Hungry eyes want to see

With unwilling fear

Selling souls to mystery

Consuming hearts near and far


Violent rituals taking place

To guarantee the force its power

Stars in their head

while children lie dead


Thinking negative will be good

Giving energy of youth

Souls turning to wood

In quest for truth


Illusions and misconceptions

is what they find

For they are so willing to give

up their minds


The light they seek

Shall blind them

Make them weak

Make them dependent on him


He is not your friend

Promising you eternal grace

He will drink your soul to keep

Strip you of your face


No face to face the day

No place to call your own

You’ll wander in the dark

For you’ll be blinded by the lark


The lark in your heart

will vanish away

Like a knife it will cut today

The very light leaving you all dark


Joined the Prince of Darkness

In his rule

Time will tell in this new age

Are you prepared for a fight

For as the Bible foretold

God will stand bright

The only One

To behold

The Eternal Light

May it shine on you


Written in 1989


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