Artist: Carlos Quevedo

The moon is green and the ocean is gray

And underneath it all I hear the sounds of clay

The morning is black and the night is light

And the plants are Gods and the people are dogs

The aliens are at play out in the moonlit day

And angels call where the heathen mind falls

Where visions of dreams become the demons that snare

And the love within burns out like a flare

Bestiality wields the darts at the dark

And the dark is in the heart of the archer who throws

Excellence is corruption in truth and masks

And behind the words the master plays

As he paints a portrait that is not there


Written in 2004

Note: Looking at things inside out, upside done, the thesis, the antithesis, all the facets bestowed before me, just made me throw this out there in an topsy-turvy bantering way of sorts, as well as a moment of an eye roll just tired of looking at it all, a moment of relief in the disparity of  trying to cast it all off as play, which I knew it was not. Yet it was the irony of realizing often to find truths they have to be dissected in so many ways. Not that I was mocking what I was being directed to look at, but I was definitely caught in a sardonic moment….pushing back a bit. Yet, often would I sit and listen to many examples for often hours on end that seemed to make NO sense, only after digesting them however long it took to end up having valid points pop into view…

Found a note about this, and this was the impetus of what was written on above.

One can rob the discovery of a moment by lacking to give one’s own effort by giving it over to time. Time is then given credit, and not one’s own effort.

I was told I was fortunate (one in a trillion) because:

A. I had a true teacher to guide my soul’s evolution

B. Such a man was given to me as a mate

C. A divine blessing occurred at Cibo

You must overcome on your own effort!

An example as usual was given:

Learning to ride a bike, one does everything but ride, no matter how hard one tries, it is easy to fall. Once a master, just as hard to fall as it was to not fall in the beginning. If hit, you still have it in you to be a master.

The moral/lesson: If one uses the same energy to discover one’s wrongs (my own) and how forces use individuals (me) to get to others (meaning him), one can avoid traps. You can’t have everything turned off, you can’t have the energy of anything pulling on you. One must render their focus to the master, and if the master says the sky is green, you’ll see the sky green, and that will be the moment of awakening.

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