Armstrong Redwoods, 3 trees entwined


It’s probably better this way

that you would choose this path to walk away

in my time of need

a friend you say you will be


it is true that I have not been my best

As your actions and the time of late has put me to this test

so often I struggle to remain cool

Always frustrated by emotions that pull


I know my attitude has been somewhat crappy

The reasons for this are neither here nor there

As I alone remain accountable for my words and acts


An interference with our plight to be happy

The blame the universe will bring to bare

Upon the deeds of each based solely upon the facts


I know my goodness

I know my cruelness

I know who you are

Just as you know who I am


The love we embraced

Met its time and space

And what will be remains unseen


If we will be again

Or just a memory

We live and love

Independently searching

To meet interdependently

The one who will nurture our soul


You touched my soul

And you touched me deep

I know it can happen

Thank God and you for that

Maybe in time  I will find that and tranquility

And maybe in time you will find what you desire

as for now time will tell what will become of our fire

May 29, 1999

Note: Originally titled, Just a Poem. Among the redwoods we used to play, until one day away I came to be a thousand miles removed.




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