Castles in the Air

Castles in the Air

Building castles in the air

On the wings of love

I’ll be there


God in mind

And love in heart

Hand in hand


What do we find

Never to part

United we stand


The shield to our avail

As the winds gust

All pain and evil

Turn to dust


In your command

I land

In destiny


In the arms of peace

The shelter

Of the flow


The river is me

My garden grows

We are one and all


Lest we drown

Lest we fall

That shall not be


The gift of love

A life raft to all of us

Thrown to us from up above


The forces and the powers that be

Enshroud and encircle me

The angels up high who fly

Rain peace and serenity


To be the current of love

To honor all that is

To pray for navigation

To stay on course for all eternity


To bloom

To see

To flourish

Into immortality


Building castles in the air

On the wings of love

We shall be there


Glorious in our light

Victorious in our plight

Shadows of the past

Are left alone to fast


To become innocent and pure

The bliss of an eternal rapture

In death lurks the vulture

In life lives the scripture


One for all

And all for one

Heed the call


All in circle

All in rhyme

All divine

All in time


The circle

All merciful

Will repeat

Death to defeat


Building castles in the air

On the wings of love

Who will be there


Note: When I say in death lurks the vulture, it is a multiplicity of meaning…to face our sins, to go from denial into repentance makes us feel like we are dying at times, and there are forces who don’t want us to wake up and accept that we have failed, these forces are like a vulture to the needs of our soul. For we must face our sins, and repent, in order to ever have hope at atonement, and absolution. If we fail to take this task on, and truly walk in actions of repentance, we fail to see what taking on the new creature is when one believes he is saved. In salvation, is ultimate grace, and even though it is not solely by acts, our actions can potentially nullify our salvation, hence one needs to be mindful to truly go forward and sin no more. Hence, in life, lives the scripture, for it is the WORD inspired by our Creator and given to us as a guide.

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