Uncovered Karen Tarlton

Artist: Karen Tarlton


There are many facets to the plight

So many cling to fears in the night of their illusions

They cover themselves in it like a blanket

Too asleep to not want to awaken to the colors within

This is more than just about one’s image

This is more about uncovering the needs of the light

To walk upright within it

For in this journey

often it is the ones who travel it

there are energies more important to consider

for they affect us all

not just one life

many lives…

thus to find truth

often one must not fear it

one must not be lazy

in looking for it…

too many look for it

or come to see it

here and there

and find elements thereof

only to forgo the actions

needed to change themselves for the better

too many in a moment abandon going further

and in the process flee the true needs of their soul

stumbling back into vanities

to hide behind

the pride that will not fall…

to face the truth is to love one self

the facet of God within to bring forth

as a part to the whole

to know that in such wisdom

is the act to be an example

to be love in action

You cannot do that from behind a mask

a light cannot stay covered

for the truth will not stay hidden behind a veil forever

It is precisely the pride that goes before the fall

that must be delivered

for when one falls into that awareness

they begin to discover who they are

and in that they can take responsibility

to become who they were meant to purpose

for this life has it

a gift given to return to a state unblemished

so faith, discernment, love, and wisdom in action

will cause quite a stir in those whom lack it

and even those closest to us

will want to bid us to keep our masks on

too afraid we’ll see beyond their facade

they just want to keep us in the charade

when in reality the face of truth

is most beautiful…it can be messy….its double edge

yet when the healing is complete

there is none that can pull one under

for no longer asleep we will all be

Dare not be as a piece of wood stiff and hard

floating wherever the currents may take you

chart your course for it is all love

to navigate these waters of life

we all travail through

yet in the end

more importantly it is a light to shine

to give thanks to see

for when the pride falls

the ego falls with it

and the true self in us all

shines forth our soul to claim

in this truth there is no shame

for it is an illusion to fight through

only a phase to go through to wear it well and feel the depths

of the very own hell we create

to discover and uncover it is a choice

we make, and as such

we can distant ourselves from those acts

to become free to walk in truth

and there is liberation in that to recover

not only for myself

but more importantly for those so badly in need of discovering

the purpose of this life…

if one lives in lies

and hides behind not finding the truth of themselves

that is far more devastating in the end

immortal and eternal

to be uncovered

in a coat of many colors…

shining bright

there is a way

by truth



Some may think and some may say I should not write this story. I think it is my life, it is my decision! I understand others could be affected, but if the truth affects them, maybe they’ll learn to walk in it.

Naturally the question arises for me to ponder….

It is said there is no fear in love, but is there fear in truth? I tend to believe if you walk in truth there is nothing to fear, just as I wrapped my mind around there is no fear in love, for where there is love fear cannot be, as they cannot coexist! It is more about learning to have faith in the outcome. Hence if you walk in love, for me the path of love, there is nothing to fear.

Yet to shudder the quaking of my bones I landed on the knowledge that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It is about learning to use discernment wisely! Simplicity in me resolves it to walking the example, the way, the Christos.


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