Trivial Pursuits

Trivial Pursuits
Why call me
Is it that you are bored
or have you run out of romances to court
Is the isolation driving you insane
or is it that you now see
the light that shines inside of me
is truth resounding in your heart
as you face your day to day dilemmas
like a ringing in your ears that won’t go away
it has been buried there within your chest all along
is the intellect taking note
Why should I talk to you
when communication is always so one sided
and I have to prick so hard at your heart
to be a decent man to me
I gave you something raw and true
maybe that is the echo you hear
for last I called to provide clarity
there was no voice
to offer me
and now you think I should take your call
I have no time for trivial pursuits
nor to have my heart, and mind toyed with
to comfort your space
to be dismissed
and trivialized
when you feel my time
spent with you is due over
I seek a kindred spirit
and found it not with you
for you could not even give
me safety in your arms
yet my hands
you wanted all over you
I’m a child of God
not your fill in when
your ego needs a fix
I could have been the one
had I been treated with respect
to have shown you
life from a point of bliss
yet I take it now
with me
and save it for the one
who knows my name
and writes it in his heart
and shelters me from brutes like you…
who stomp all over
open discourse
shutting down my mind
and ultimately closing off my heart
Kind a sad too…a bit frustrating…but the truth is
some just need a fair weather friend…but not me
I am not interested in such shallow strings
for I shall not be tempted to want something
and then be dismissed and keep my head in that space
I learned long ago, to not want what I cannot have…
and to definitely walk away
when I see
no care for me
Time for me to move ahead
and you can roll again
but not with me
my fair weather friend

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