The Eyes of Your Audience

Dick man
Like a little boy
with his dick in his hand
yet when the man in him seeks to belong
and wonders what went wrong
and why he does not have what he secretly longs for
he gets caught up in the past
he keeps running to it
a runner he is
until he learns to communicate with himself
never will he be free from the chains of his puberty
how shall he ever find love
when the boy within is stuck dreaming of porno stars
Genuine woman see through this maze
and some will try to rescue
the boy within the man
yet when in mid life crisis
the man cannot see the nature of his demise
is pushing all his dreams away
as he wonders why no one cares
its not that they did not care
they just needed a man
led by his heart
and not his dick
so he keeps on until one day
maybe he’ll discover his heart
somewhere under the sheets
of all the lives he tossed away
as the tears of reality sink in
and begin to wash his ego clean
to open his eyes
to a different light of day
to discover the path
to hearts
but first he must
pull his from the grave
if the boy is strong enough
to become a man
otherwise in the end
he’ll find nothing more
than an empty bed
and pillow
for his (dick) head to lay
that led the way…
into the travesties of
his own gluttony and vice
and he’ll keep wondering
why no one sees his heart…
until his dying breath
alone in isolation
he casts back
and it will be too late
For the fears and ego will have run his race for him
for he never became strong enough to cut ties
from the fears that kept him from
seeking the truth
of understanding…the nature of the pain
he never healed
that he alone
as a man perpetuated
when given a choice
to become a man
and stand on his own
aside from family trauma
yet the drama he now creates
as editor and director in chief of the narrative he writes…
can he not see what his audience sees
its written in his actions
he just seems to be devoid of witnessing
perchance he will choose one day
to remove the dick from upon his head
and replace it with his heart
(Like the picture, too many men in solidarity with their dick end up in a solitary confinement they alone created.)
Note: I had to laugh when I stumbled upon this picture…I am not a man hater, quite the contrary, but this individual one day did something, and said later he was sorry for acting like a dick. Unfortunately, his buttons get pushed too easily. Unfortunately, he had a tough upbringing that causes him strife quite often.

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