In the Book


I love passion, I love rapture…

To be moved beyond control

Some sort of obsessive capture

The heart’s call

The mind’s obedience

Intellect in chaos

Pawn in a pool

Drowning to be

To be…To be

Magnetic eyes

Insatiable smile

Bleeding heart

Warm face

Drives me insane

I want to be in control

My obsessions are in the mirrors of your soul

What in the hell am I to do

It’s not physical

It’s mental

Something I just don’t understand

I must be weak

To let you into my mind

A psychic deviate

Trying to compose

A wall between me and my mind

Intellect and Passion

Try to bridle

My heart’s instability

Letting go is not easy

Yet, I know I must

Fatal concoctions of my mind

I try to make them sleep

Yet my thoughts continue to unwind

They are alive

and they have a drive

To be To be To be

They want to escape

Yet they can’t T

hey are illusions that will change

Fantasy is not reality

I’m not sure what the picture is anyway

Maybe one day

I’ll put them in their place

But I know they’ll always be there

on the shelf in the book

I’ll dare to open

or dare to keep closed


Written in the late 90’s (The insanity of love beckoning)

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