Under water

He told me do not jump into the water to save another until I was tethered to my beliefs. The person drowning will pull you under trying to save their selves. I was told I was not ready.


I exclaimed, how could I not jump in to save another if I see them drowning? I believed in by doing so, divine grace would intervene and get me to shore, whether on an island, I would find dry land. I also felt that if I died to help save another then so be it.


Well, here it seems I have dived in once more, trying to help another find the air of life, and in the process I must admit, I may have needed a life raft myself.


To no avail have I saved myself or another for I have set myself adrift into uncharted seas drowning in the realization when principles are compromised, hope is tossed to and fro.


Yet too, perchance he will never know, it was he who saved me.


Shall this be a temporary reprieve, or shall it last…at present on this island alone, as he swims in the currents being tossed amidst the waves of his destiny.


Shall he ever find truth, perchance he shall find me, and thereby be blessed for the time he gave to set my feet upon these shores.



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