The Spirit of every Breath

chris e room wh

Christmas as a child

I could hardly wait

the night before looking at all the shining lights

reflecting off the colorful bows below

A top the tree an angel glows


In my heart thinking

Happy Birthday to Jesus

Yet upon reflection it was

more like a Happy Birthday to me


The years pass on

and I remember my loved ones

Now long gone


Having children of my own

Getting caught up in the consumerist storms

That pass through year after year

when my children would receive more than their fair share


In my soul I shudder

to think that the birth of Jesus many not have even been in the month of December

and that Christmas is really a combination of Pagan and Christian beliefs merged


Every year people near and far are always in deep spiritual need

Yet filling their stockings

Eating their pies

As their credit cards reach all time highs

Seems to be the way so many fill their gluttonous greed


Oh yes, the spirit of giving is the true divine gift

Yet too many use that as a crutch

to cleanse their guilt of the whole year

by going out and buying turkeys for the poor


When really if they would just look

in the eyes of their loved ones

and all the neighbors they should love as their selves

And say to them honestly

What can I give thee of myself

from my heart and soul truly…


I do believe miracles would begin to happen

Do give not for the sake of want

but let the spirit of giving

be a part of every breath


for just three days ago

I saw a crushed car

only to find out last night

a friend of my sons died that day


Every breath we draw in our being is a precious gift divine

we cannot be sustained without it

so I urge all I know to honor their spirit

to let each breath be one to celebrate

and not take for granted


And if there are no presents under the tree

One should be thankful that they are there to be

In that state of being to know that every breath they take

is a chance to give


so give of yourself to friend and foe

the spirit of love

for in that same spirit of love

God gave us Christ


In the examples of how Christ lived

We can come to learn and to grow

how to really be in spirit


for when we live in spirit

we touch the lives of all we know


so give from the divine heart every day

not just one day a year

Whether it is to give a hand or ear to someone near

give from the heart without fear


so that when the day comes when you take your last breath

You will firmly know that your material purpose has been fulfilled


I urge all to see it is the selfless who gives in every moment

who truly has it all…Merry Christmas to all…

12/25/01 11:04AM

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