andrew gonzalez

In our minds we are always free

we cannot be contained with the walls of flesh and bone mentalities

Our spirit wants to flee

will not settle for material desires

that wrap around

to bring man down


such an obscure attainment

to be shrouded in wealth’s raiment

void of spiritual arraignment

the pure lament


The soul to grow

by fire

to know


the burn within

sparks a flame

divine intent

is born


for it is without this world

a jewel is refined


it is within

only a diamond in the rough


to venture on the coals

to set foot upon the path

and never look back


no pity

no sorrow


only joy in revelation

that it is all in us

the travesties of deceit

we each must face


to brave the storm

to come out of the fire

a purpose to be one


it is not to be tread

as if it were a given

for it is open to all


the meek in humility

to be so called upon

to cherish all

in servitude in thought

in action each second


to take for granted this gift

is to be burned a thousand fold

and never shine


to drink of desire

of every cell

can only truth

be realized


in such an individual

who nurtures

his own soul

and comes to know



love unblemished


so rare

but everywhere

it is the peace

of the free


the liberation of the spirit

to shine forth in all it aspires

never to retire

only to return

to guide others

who make the choice

to play their turn….


which road will you travel


if you make the choice

you are there

in the center of nowhere

but where truth encircles

just waiting for the earnest

to reach out

and see accord


by removing the veil

layer by layer

until the light within you

can no longer be contained


as you took the first leap of faith

you as quickly catch the first ray


what you do will all be up to you

to be forever born

to be forever one



9/08/2002 1:27 cdt


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