Love has its own inherit ultimatums, lest it not be love at all

Mirante Art

Artist: Daniel Mirante

Love seeks its own

Love does not walk off

Love between two is united

Love between two is a work in progress where two want progress

Love does not seek union in vices or others

Love is full of patience and compassion

Love does not display callous disregard, it shows respect

Love shows attentiveness

Love shows its ultimate desire to be with the one whom is loved

Love does not put others above the one who is loved…

Love awakens the spirit of the divine

Love creates its own home in the hearts of two…

Love permeates each cell and shines light to quicken the mind in bliss…

Love brings harmony and peace between two hearts…it does not seek its own demise…

Unrequited love is like a knife that cuts deeper than any known valley in the universe reaching to the depths of hell, and leaves the one forgotten lost in the abyss of loneliness, with a fire burning and raging out loves light…

Oh how I wish I could give ultimatums, and they be honored, but the truth is, if the love does not operate according to love’s eternal and immortal requisites on its own, then it is not a love worth fighting for…it is nothing but an illusion snaring innocent fools like me..

(A section of a larger piece 12/17/16)


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