Embrace It Until You Can Embrace It No More

chapel of bones

Spiritual eyes see through the folly of your mortal manipulations and will not stay blind to the fact you stay stuck in mourning the ghosts of years gone by. Don’t paint me on this canvas where the graveyards are full of the bones of those once loved are worn laced around your neck like a noose you choose to nurture pulling you into their pit. It is a haze of grief that you alone must walk until you cut these ties and choose to heal. I tried to pull you from this demise, but through the mist you fail to rise, stuck in the manifestations of death lurking near mired in this stage as those close to you tell you it is okay to wear these bones with pride too unaware of how to show you the path to your escape. How many times must you die in your pain before you release it once and for all for never will you be released from the mourning until ties are cut and your eyes see the light to shine upon the path your dare to tread? The ego and pride attached to what once was must be cast aside, for new manifestations of love light and harmony to pull you from these tides. You wear it like a badge of honor, revering it, missing it, but in the end letting it kill you time and time again. When will you bury it and say goodbye and choose to live. When will you accept that what you are fighting for died long ago, and let it go, for now all you fight is your own demons and they are winning? Lay them to rest, and find your freedom from the delusions of what ifs. Forgive yourself and learn from the lessons, but do not get stuck in the lesson lest it rend you under six feet over and over again. There is a light, but you must seek it, why close your eyes, and sleep in this embrace forever, awaken to who you are, and pierce the veil and walk out of these gates of hell to find enlightenment on the other side.

❤ In the spirit of love I share in case there is a one whom needs or can heed these words of wisdom…All my love ❤

10/12/2016 4:01AM

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