Where All is Not


When I fell in love

it was the end of me


every glance, touch and breath

I gave away

and when we parted

there was nothing left of me

and ever since

slowly I’ve been fading away

no one notices

they see me

but they don’t know

my heart is gone

and again

I would give it to you

even though I know now

it is a gift you did not realize

nor know quite what to do with

it got cast aside

for something shinier

or for some perception of something better

or a belief

that I did not fit in

to your activist mind

but there was a shell

of a prankster

posing as a kind soul

just taking all it could

and freely I gave it all

and now time fades

each day from view

searching for bliss

it chases you

and into the sublime


I become

no more upon this plane

the final blow

love took its aim

and now there is nothing left to bleed

evaporation like water in the sun

and phantoms

in your dreams

to be so high

and to fall so deep

into the abyss

I shall fly away

in a moment without wings

I’ll see you one day

when you see me in you

it always happens that way

the iconic twist of fate

into the eyes

you swim

searching for the life raft

that floated by

the imposter within is freed

with each tree blowing in the wind

the ray of light in your lens

the pen in your hand shall not cease

to make it write

an eternal quest

when all fears dissipate

and love

is nowhere to be found

but in that soul

long departed

rise and shine upon a dream now black

to be one in nothingness

where all is not