sanctuary of truth inside

Hope it can be a long road

a trial and a testament of faith

a belief to be actualized at some point

we carry it with us

often tuck it in at night to let it wander in our dreams

a sliver of light

oft when we search amidst the shades that pale

blood letting in its quest at times

to be so entrenched in desire

to hope

a life to live full it seems

keeps it in its sights

yet when it is gone

like air from flight

popped into shattering endless breaths

until a new horizon dawns

Hope in my heart

like love to give away

dancing in manifestations

of imaginations

realized bringing delight

yet when it is gone

dashed it slips

and flees into the breeze

of broken endless seas

and tireless needs

never to be met

except in a mad man’s dream

and when the slumber is complete

he awakens where hope is not and screams

a silent eternal cry

and there is no amount of wondering why

other than to accept

it was not meant to be

there can be no erasing of these scars

no mending of rectifications of my life

yet it stands

sight unseen


“Truth shines even in its absence” – Shri Prashant


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