Their deeds complete

they compete against truth

the masks of love to wear

the ego slips in unaware

for if love was there

never would it have been defiled

to try to resuscitate it back alive

when off the path

you both have strayed

is a pinnacle

no amount of money can buy

the deed for flesh

pays back its due

always the heart wears its marks

for gain

no flag can drape across those lies

to help gain security

upon another’s demise

stakes its claim now

and impales you

upon a hook the greed lands

blindly abandoning

the truth of love

drowning in want

when all is said and done

it will strike chords

when all is lost

the resonance will not leave

until fate has played its hand

perchance the battle

uphill will be won

when truth takes the reigns

it always does

when the game ends

and what player will you see in you

when all the material fades so slowly away

and the beliefs slip from view

and reveal the signpost

you bypassed

and dismissed so long ago

will you turn from entanglements

and see the cesspool of hate

from the core

was the motivator

for what was done

to play its opposite is an acting game

best played on stage

and not in hearts

to steal and take and claim more

to cease and pause to reflect

upon the errors of thine ways

when the deed is complete

the truth no longer shall compete

for there it stands

to be a mother is a drive so natural

yet to see it as an act of selflessness

is not so much an act of purity

when it fills a drive to fill the needs of self

a sacrifice to bear for sure

where no disdain can be found

yet to side with another to take them for granted

is to squander

the purity of purpose therewith in to be found

to make concessions for such notions

sides in oneness with the crime

prisoners unto another

you have both become

by choice the difficulties will bare

the fruits of wisdom’s design

when eyes wide open

begin to see

for we all know love cannot be bought

simple pointed truths

within the circle of life

but oh how some try to survive by gain

at another’s sacrifice

a short cut that leads no where to love

but into the oblivion

when charades will no longer suffice

and the lies we tell ourselves will no longer do

for the love we crave

wrapped in money

will leave love destitute

it is a human condition

to transcend

some ascend and some descend

ironic how some dive into the pit

all the while thinking they are soaring to new heights…

until the moment of truth stands still

and in its presence there is nowhere to hide

its kinda sad to contemplate

for in some strange ways never would I have imagined

I’d ponder if its best for some to stay in the oblivion

for my master use to say

what good is it if a man wakes up too late

for when all has been lost perchance it is best he stays asleep


A tale of two lovers…that kept the emeshment alive over years…one perchance had a love that was true, and the other did not however over time this person came to believe they had to win this person over after they had gone on to sleep with others taking gains along the way. The sadness is the one who initially loved went on to get mired into a situation to be with another who was dying and this person kept on getting emeshed with this past lover. You see the illusions of love are strong, and keep us coming back for more, when the truth is some are good lovers, yet love is misplaced and illusory and is far from the equation of bonding within the union of a love rooted in truth. For gain the one who loved made a choice of survival to marry a dying man for gain. The illusion of spirited mindedness was played. While the other kept using others and making concessions for what this other was doing, and as time kept marching an inheritance was forthcoming, and the death of the other became complete and now the two join forces. It is sad to see lovers blinded by gain, thinking love is their aim when their actions taken were far from truths grounded in honor and nobility of purpose. Their coming together again with material gains will ultimately be their undoing, for the foundation laid to waste truth all along the way. Attachments are hard to discern from the truth of love, for all of us, thus it is not a disdain for them, but more an analysis of wisdom in actions to see where such acts will lead.


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