The Eyes of Anger Roll Evil

eye roll

I heard the commotion out in the hall

doors slamming and the voices of it all

I took a peek to see

she was told to calm down

with blood streaming aside her face

tall and beautiful an amazonian type

she was mad

slamming into walls and breaking things

hands on necks trying to break free

swinging around slapping traps away

she just wanted back in

kicking into walls and glass

there was no way she would breathe in to find peace

the beast within had been poked

and now she wanted to make him bleed

a fight or flight response provoked

unrelenting she wanted more

to even up the score

what was she thinking when she spit in his face

what kind of defense thinks of such things

to approach him with such vileness

and draw out his punch

maybe it was a concussion

that spurred her adrenaline

for she tilted her head forward

eyes fell shut half way

as her eyes rolled back

and she drew a breath

into her clenched fists

that came up spinning her around

no one could stop her

until she found herself surrounded

with no place to run

hospital bound

locked up

caught in the system again

tragic all the way around

for it looked like a scene

out of an exorcism film…

no doubt

the eyes of anger roll evil

they always do…


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