A Carpenter


He says you need a carpenter boyfriend

as he inspects my house

He says fix it and sell it

would not be surprised if…

they have not eaten up to the rafters

he gives me a number to call


I reply, I need a carpenter boyfriend?

A carpenter comes and I show

him around concerned

about what I have found

and what all needs to be done

the only thing I have

for refuge

he assures me as he sees

the tears well in my eyes

its not quite as bad as it seems

I’m here to put your fears at ease


I’m horrified and text my children

and one says burn it down

the other says

will she get sprayed or nailed

so lightly and trivial the words come forth

as I sit and ponder

what is it all worth

the oldest tells the one to be nice

and then the other away from the messages

comes back and says you all need help


Do I need a carpenter

and I stop to think

as an atheist friend

comments on a picture

of a man on a cross


He was a carpenter from Nazarene

and in the end he was nailed upon a cross

I contemplate the message

whether one believes or not


we all need a carpenter

to build our temple

do we not


He says to me

I see you’re all heart

just work with me

and I’ll show you how



The Framer Builds a House



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