I see in your eyes the hidden
the hopes within the heart
the fragile need you cannot seem to grasp
you see it all around and wonder why
it seems to not be
you need a woman like me
one who can let you bleed
and will be there through it all
so many have come and gone
and still always the horizon beckons
yet within you the answer lies
Your fears paralyze the flowers that open
too afraid they’ll take
yet it is you who must give
of your self
to come to know without hope for the return
the yearning to love must become complete in deed
for then shall you see
that which you yearn to embrace
will be there
it’s a give and take reciprocity
not a one sided affair of the mind
to dive deep into the life which is fueled to love
and swim within its passions
has it moments where the currents thrash
yet to never waver at the helm
for within there is a calm and bliss
and the peace it descends
is like none ever known
for in knowing, and not giving up in will
the fight of your life can be won
for to fight for anything other than love
is to flail in the wind
Not everyone deserves your time
Not everything you see is real
To find what nurtures must be sought
kindled, and protected
when in life you find
a like mind
who knows where love is not
yet is not fearful of the fall
and is dedicated to the journey
together two hearts can mend
whether it is for a season
or a lifetime the pleasures to feel
unencumbered, lend life to the process
for a life without love
is a lonely road
certainly there are many temptations
and games to play
yet rare is it you find
someone who understands
it is a grounding that can lift the soul
pierce the heart into ecstasies
and plunge it into the depths
of creation

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